Siam Thai Tuckshop

Siam Thai Tuckshop emphasizes on lightly prepared dishes for you and your guests with strong aromatic components coupled with a spicy edge. A complex interplay of at least three to five fundamental taste senses can be found in each dish or overall meal. In our recipe, these key words are always the priority: intricacy, attention to details, texture, colour, taste, the use of ingredients with medicinal benefit and last but not least – flavorful.

Sweet, sour, salty, bitter and spicy, no matter which one you like or hate the most, we are sure to have something that appeals to the likings of everyone, and cater it to your doorsteps. We are in the midst of preparing this service to you. In the near future, being a host is no longer a hassle but fun. Call us 6385 6909 for booking or Email to us at to find out more or look out for our latest update!



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